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Genetics and the "Next 500 Years" with Dr. Chris Mason | Science Goes To The Movies

Updated: Apr 19

In a series like X-Men or Jupiter's Legacy, genetically altered superheroes push the limits of human biology to save the world. In Netflix's new series, Sweet Tooth, genetically altered kids are immune to a deadly virus. And in his new book, "The Next 500 Years", geneticist, Dr. Christopher E. Mason, thinks we should be doing our best, right now, to alter biological limits to save our species - but for realsies.

Science Goes to the Movies, hosted by Lisa Beth Kovetz, looks at the science in contemporary motion pictures. Will today's sci-fi fantasies become tomorrow's science realities? Top working scientists review popular movies, resulting in lively and informative conversations about what science is happening right now, what science is heading towards us in the future, and what's just fun fiction.

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